Aina Requena was born in Valencia, on the Mediterranean coast, where she got a degree in Audiovisual Sciences. One year ago she started her relationship with the cinema field.

· In 2001, she moves to Madrid. Here, she continues with her professional bond with the technical side of the cinema which is widened with Dramatic Arts studies in several schools of the capital.

In 2005, she made her first incursion in front of the camera, “Feria”, a short film by ECAM (Madrid Cinema School).

From then on, short film performances came successively: in 35mm (Vidas de arena, 7 días, Alma vacía, En la memoria, Con el viento, Silba perfidia, Voces de la ciudad, Muñecas rusas); in 16mm (Diablo, Reencuentros, Limpieza, Última planta, Di sí, Pan y chocolate, La chica del parque) and in HD (La nota, Recursos Humanos, Era a mí, Under the leaves).

She has also recorded some performances for different chapters in TV shows as «LEX» (A3), «La Tira» in La Sexta, «Herederos» in TVE, “Ellas y el sexo” (A3) or  the “Conciliación laboral_ Castilla La Mancha” institutional campaign.

· In 2008, she shot a bit part in a comedy: “7 minutos”, a Daniela Fejerman’s film. And another one in “Castillos de cartón” a drama by Salvador García Ruiz, both of them produced by Tornasol films.

· In a constant training vocation, in 2009 she studied a master degree in Cinematographic Interpretation in Assumpta Serna’s Foundation (First Team). Besides, she increased her knowledge of English and French in the Official School of languages. She obtained the A2 Certificate in French and the B2 of English. Nowadays, she has the Advanced level.

· Last 2010, she recorded two episodes in “Gran reserva” for the public chanel TVE 1 and one for other TV serial “El Barco”. She was the voice-over of the internal channel of an insurance company and she shot the Basque short film “Vidas de arena” as the leading actress. In addition, she was selected for the Ministry of Education’s web campaign “”, to promote children reading.

Throughout all this time, she has not given up either her love of script writing (she has five of them) or her love of photography, getting the First position of the Caja Madrid 2004 national posters prize.