Who am I?


Thirtysomething… (or so it’s said ;)

You can see my CV but to sum up, I am a spanish actress who has been devoting his life to fiction and cinema.

My professional bond with it adds up to twenty years: it was 1999, it was summertime…

And I write this with years of experience behind and in front of camera:

· Bachelor’s degree of Media and Communications Studies at CEU San Pablo University, Valencia, Spain, 1995-2000. 

· English: (B2) Advanced Level, 6th year Official School of Languages Madrid, Common European Framework Certificate  2010

· French: (A2) Basic Level, 2nd year Official School of Languages Madrid,  Common European Framework Certificate 2009

· Dramatic Art studies since 2001.

So many things had past from those years, I was 22 years old and I was plenty of dreams about working in Madrid, make a living from Culture/shooting/acting…

Contradictory evaluation: I’ve travelled… learned… experienced a lot (…big professional success as this society defense it? Just a few I’m afraid…).

I don’t regret all those things lived and learned, it’s just that if I could go backwards I would have done differently just some of them…

Nowadays, I can proudly say that my element/habitat is a film set. I know it. I feel secure and comfortable. I know its codes and the dance that involves it all. The tool I am as an actress appears in front of a close-up lens.

In conclusion? I have understood that my actress facet is a natural extension of what I feel I am with humility: a moviemaker.

I don’t rule out the idea of keeping directing and writing (I do this, indeed) but to tell interesting things you must experience interesting things and there is no other profession that allows you to live so many lives as an actress’ life does.

I wish I could someday love the theatre as I actually love the cinema… and people who make movies (/serials) in this country.

My “family”… literally: my daughter has come to a second generation filming family…

After loving directing and writing for the cinema, to cross in front of the camera is the next part of the same story: I always loved to be a story-teller at 24 frames per second.

And I am carrying out a specialization all these years :

I try to tell it with my eyes …